Suffer No Fools- Songs For The Restless Youth


Having formed earlier this year, Suffer No Fools are relatively new to the scene. However, they’ve been breaking tradition and exceeding expectations at every turn, and their debut album is a perfect example of this attitude. Instead of releasing songs in dribs and drabs, slowly, the five-piece from Ealing opted to release a whole EP at once, showcasing the extent of their professional, technical skills and raw talent. The combination of Ali Khan’s vocals, Jack Kirby and Jamie Newdeck’s guitar work, Alex Bain’s basslines and Mike Taylor’s drumming, Suffer No Fools have created something truly special.

 The EP opens with a short instrumental, starting slow and building gradually to perfectly flow into the first track of the album ‘The Bombing Campaign’. Khan’s clean vocals against the gritty heaviness of the instrumental provides the perfect combination of genres and styles, resulting in a track you can bang your head and pump your fist to, but one you can also sing along with.

 Throughout the album there are moments of truly exceptional musical ability. The harmonies on ‘Prey in particular stuck out for me. ‘Forgiven or Forgotten’, the third track, stands out lyrically, with lines like ‘if we forget we are doomed to repeat, watch as they all do nothing, can’t take the heat’.

 ‘Abyss’, the fourth track of the album, opens with a catchy riff that you’re sure to be humming for days after listening, but in a good way. ‘Dirge of the Old Gods’ lays out a lyrical odyssey to dispel  the legends of Viking Lore, foretelling the dirge of the ‘Old Gods’. If you’re looking for a song that riles you up to ride to the gates of Valhalla, this is the track for you.

 The final track on the EP, ‘Into the Breach’ brings everything to a close, showcasing the best of the best lyrically and musically with heart-pounding basslines, a drumbeat you can’t help but nod your head to, and expert guitar work.

 Suffer No Fools are not afraid of experimenting, with songs ranging in style and length. There may only be 7 tracks on the EP, but with this adding up to almost 30 minutes of music, you’re getting more for your money than with many full-length albums.  There is no doubt in my mind that Suffer No Fools is headed for greatness, they just need that one, pivotal ‘big break’ moment to announce to the world. You can check them out on Facebook, or purchase their EP at Bandcamp. I promise you won’t regret it.


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