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How did Rock Sugar begin?

Chuck: You know what, it’s pretty funny but me and Jess our lead singer and drummer Alex were on an island, and we were there on vacation playing acoustic guitar and stuff and Jesse just said ‘wow wouldn’t it be cool if some metal band was stranded on an island with nothing but a 13 year olds CD collection and they were stranded for a long time and got brainwashed to think that pop was like, the ultimate metal?’ And really it sounds like a joke but that is how it started.

 Wow that’s pretty crazy. So your ‘Don’t Stop the Sandman’ video is kind of a reality?

Exactly. It’s a reality.

 Okay so how long have you been together?

Now, I’m gunna say a couple of years, like two years.

 Right, so would you say you’re close with the other band members then?

Yeah, I mean me and Jesse have been best friends since high school, since we were like fourteen, fifteen years old, and I’ve known Alex now for over 20 years so the three of us have been tight for a really long time and yeah we’re good friends.

 So that must make it more fun then?

You know what, it makes it a lot more fun and sometimes a little bit more difficult because you know, you know how friends are, but all in all it’s definitely a blast, I mean it’s better doing it with your friends than doing it with people you don’t like.

If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you say?

Elvis Presley. What would I say? I would say Elvis, why are you the King? Who gave you the name the king? You need to share this with me right now. No, but Elvis Presley man, I think the guy was a pretty neat guy, from sharing his wealth and everything he had to treating his friends really well and just being a legend and bringing something so great to rock and roll. And after that, would be John Lennon, if I had two, it would be John Lennon. In fact if I could have a little mini conference with Elvis and John Lennon oh my god that would be so awesome, like if I was on Skype with them or something.

 Could you sum Rock Sugar up in three words?

Three words. How about three letters. ADD. Because we’ve always said Rock Sugar was music for people with ADD because every 15 seconds something new, a new song pops up, so Jesse likes to say we take a bunch of songs and we get them drunk and we throw them down your throat and it’s the peanut butter cup of rock and roll, you’ve got some metal in my pop and some pop in the metal, but ADD really describes our music really, really well.

 What’s the craziest gig you’ve ever played?

Craziest gig we’ve ever played? Well, I’ll tell you what, to this day the coolest gig’s we’ve ever done have been in the UK by the way, you guys are fricken insane out there, and you know how to party. We played at Download this year, we played at Download last year, and by far man those gigs are just crazy. If anybody ever wanted to experience what it’s like to be a rock star on a huge stage with thousands of people just digging on you and screaming and going crazy that’s it. That sums it up right there. The craziest gig we’ve ever done was probably this one show recently where the owner of the establishment got drunk and decided to get mad at us afterwards because I don’t know why, and everybody was just saying ‘ah man that’s the alcohol talking’ and stuff so but other than that every gig we’ve ever done has just been really, really cool.

If you could, how would you want to change the world in like, one way?

More rock and roll. I would get rid of some other kinds of music and replace it with rock and roll. The other thing I would do is I would make it that every time somebody listened to a song, that peace would just spread all over the place man, because I’ll tell you what, we need that right now.

 Definitely. If you could only get one of your songs heard by the whole world, which would it be?

How about ‘Don’t Stop the Sandman’?

Why that song?

I think it makes people happy. People listen to that and they laugh, and they have a good time, and it brings back good memories, and so many people forget about good times, and good memories, so I think that’s a perfect song to get everybody into good, positive thinking.

 So earlier this week we heard that Johnny (bassist) has decided to leave the band. How will this affect your plans for the future?

Well, like everything, bands always go through certain members and stuff like that, we’re still all friends, and we just finished our tour for the summer so we have a long break here, and Johnny has his original band, ‘Still Standing’, which is a great band, and he decided that he was going to take all of his efforts and focus on ‘Still Standing’, which is his real passion. He never left Still Standing while he was in Rock Sugar, but I think now he’s going to focus his attention to that and I think it’s a great idea, and we wish him lots of luck and the best. As far as affecting what Rock Sugar does, we’ve been getting tonnes of enquiries like ‘Hey’ from bassists all over the place and when the time is right we’ll audition some new guys and find the new bass player.

 So it’s far from the end for Rock Sugar?

Yeah, exactly.

We saw you at Download (2011) and you were probably our best band of the weekend.

Right on. Thank you for saying that. I appreciate it, that’s really cool.

 It’s difficult to find real fun in rock music nowadays.

Exactly, that’s what I’m talking about… We don’t go out there and say ‘hey look at us, we’re so cool’ we’re just like everybody else; we just want to play music that makes people fun and we want to include people. Like we always tell people that coming to a Rock Sugar show is kind of like being in the band, because you get to have fun with the band not just watch the band have fun. It’s the only time that you can get a metal guy and look out into the audience and see this metal dude with long hair whose like ‘yeah man, I’m a rocker!’ singing Madonna. It’s awesome!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Try everything once, and twice to be sure, because it’s the only way… it’s another way of saying, live on the edge, live every day like todays your last day, live with passion and be passionate about everything you do, and I’ve always heard those things, and I’ve always tried to live my life, and I know that Jess has always lived his life like that, and if you meet us an you talk to us, it’s not because we’re on speed or any drug or anything like that it’s just because we’re enthused about the moment and we just live every day like it’s the last.

 Is there anything you might want to mention to people that haven’t heard of you?

Absolutely. If anybody is out there who hasn’t heard of Rock Sugar I first encourage them, highly encourage them, to stop by our Facebook, come check out our website at , go to YouTube and just YouTube Rock Sugar and listen to all the stuff and watch all the stuff and come visit us on Facebook as a friend not a fan, and our Facebook is so alive, we’re almost at 30,000 people and we’re constantly giving stuff away every single week, we care about everybody so much, and I just encourage everybody to you know, come on-board and let’s be friends.

Is there any chance of a UK tour?

You know what, we would love a UK tour, the only thing I can say is that we might be doing a big show next year out there somewhere, I’m not allowed to say anything yet, and if we do, we might surround that gig with a mini little UK tour thing, but I’m not 100%, we’ve got our fingers crossed though.


So just keep your eyes on the Facebook for more details then?

Exactly. That would be the best place to be.


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