As You’re Falling – Access All Areas


How did you start?

Connor: Basically, I joined this band with this guy, and I met Kieran and Ben in that band, and we left the band and all joined together with Kelvin and Joe, because they were my friends at school.

Kelvin: What happened was Connor, Kieran and Ben were in this band called ‘Behind These Lies’ and they left that band, and me and Joe were in a band called Aspersion and then we left that and we kind of formed together because… yeah we just did.

 Why did you start?

Kieran: Well we all had similar tastes in music and then we realised the difference…

Kelvin: I just wanted girls…

Connor: I wanted to smoke weed… (laughs)

Joe: Don’t say that…

Connor: My bad…

 How would you classify yourselves?

Connor: Metalcore.

Ben: Epic.

 Where do you want to be in 10 years?

Kieran: Sonisphere.

Connor: I think we all want to be signed, and to get somewhere.

 Do you get a lot of female attention?


Kieran: Yeah I got my girlfriend coz of this.

Ben: Just put yes.

Joe: I’m straight edge.

Kieran: You’re straight?

 Who are you influenced by?

Connor: Asking Alexandria.

Kieran: Two door Cinema Club

Ben: It’s three doors down anyway…

Connor: What is?

Kieran: The Two Door Cinema Club.

 Why do you think people should listen to you?

Connor: Because we’re better than (name removed)

Ben: They’re on the site as well…

Kieran: Why should people listen to us… because we’re good and we have meaningful lyrics.

Kelvin: We’re different, it’s different from the stuff that you usually hear at like, Bowes and we just want to stick out a bit.

Who would you say is the ‘black sheep’ of the band?


Kelvin: Nah, Connor, not me.

Kieran: Connor’s the emo.

Connor: I’m not an emo… Look at Ben, listen to his voice.

Kelvin: Well, black sheep, what the hell do you mean by black sheep?

Ben: Who is the blackest out of the band… you!

Kelvin: I think Connor coz he’s a scene kid, that’s it.

Connor: That means I still love my parents.

 How do you balance school and band?

Kieran: I don’t.

Ben: Set fire to it.

Kelvin: Probably from having like a set schedule like every Tuesday and Friday that way we can fit in with the rest of our days.

 Do you have any interesting stories?

Connor: There was a time, when we had an original guitarist, and his name was Peter Choowong, and he never turned up to practice, and we all lost faith in music for a bit.

Kieran: And was restored when he was replaced with me!

Connor: No.

Kieran: Yes.

Kelvin: No.

Kieran: Yes, that’s it.

 How often do you practice?

Connor: Two times a week.

Kelvin: But during the holidays like this we’re trying to do more.

Kieran: It hasn’t really worked out.

 Who is the favourite in the band?

Kelvin: Ben. I like Ben most.

Kieran: Kelvin’s the favourite man, look at him.

Who do you like most in the band though?

Kieran: Who do I like most in this band?

Kelvin: I would say Ben.

Kieran: Me.

Connor: Joe’s pretty cool.

Kelvin: I think Ben’s the favourite.

Kieran: I’m the loser of the band.

 Is it an aspiration of yours to go mainstream?

Kieran: Yeah I would. I wouldn’t want to sell out to do it, but…

Connor: Basically in the future we want to do gigs with All Against Nothing.

Kelvin: I wouldn’t mind going mainstream, just doing a little bit of pop.

 Do you have any plans for an EP?

Connor: Yeah hopefully sometime within the next month. We’re just messing about with stuff upstairs.

Kelvin: That doesn’t sound right! (Laughter)



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