Slipknot- .5: the gray chapter


It took a little while to get used to the word Gray. Over here, us Brits call it Grey and I misspelled the album title a lot in the tense, teasing months coming up to the release. In my opinion, Slipknot released .5: The Gray Chapter in exactly the right way. They’ve been out of the game too long to just drop the album and expect everyone to sail to to number one. They had to build momentum, and they did that exceptionally well, bolstering their online presence and releasing teaser trailers filled with deliciously disturbing imagery.


When the album dropped into my mailbox for review, I was apprehensive to say the least. It’s been almost six years since ‘All Hope Is Gone’ was released, so .5: The Gray Chapter had some big, roomy shoes to fill. With the loss of Paul Gray and the leaving of Joey Jordison, the odds were already stacked against it.


My apprehension was unfounded. .5: The Gray Chapter is pure genius. It’s raw, it’s gritty and it’s a throwback to Slipknot’s older sound from the self-titled ‘Slipknot’ and ‘Iowa’ albums without sounding tired or over-used.


I’d already heard a few of the tracks- Devil In I, Negative One, and Custer, none of which disappointed. Every song on this album delivers hard hits, heart-palpitating drum beats and gnarly vocals that make you wanna scream and spit blood (in a good way). In short, go and buy this album, you won’t regret it for a second.



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