NLC’s Rocking For The Children Festival 2015

The Maze, Nottingham, 02/05/15-03/05/15

 Twenty bands, two days, one venue, and over 2,400 pounds raised for some great charities. Those are just some of the components that made up NLC’s ‘Rocking for the Children’ festival at The Maze in Nottingham this past weekend.

 Opening the festival on Saturday were young up-and-comers ‘Bulletproof Rose’. Although the crowd was a little on the thin side so early on in the day, the band christened the fest in true rock and roll style, complete with arena-sized antics and face-shredding guitar riffs.

Next up were Crashgate, a band that exuded confidence as they chatted to the crowd like old friends, telling the story behind their song ‘Red Rosy Jack’ and blasting through a set-list that showcased their musical ability and talent. Even though it’s only the second band of the day, it’s clear Crashgate have made themselves known for the weekend.

 Crowsaw are a perfect example of genres blending together seamlessly to create something unique. Combining rock and roll with bluesy elements and belting out songs like ‘Judas Head’, announced as an ode to politicians, Crowsaw are already a standout band on the bill.

 Bigfoot are the spirit of the 80’s, with an erratic set of heavy tracks interspersed with exceptional ballads like ‘Come Down My Way’. Finishing a killer set with ‘The Other Side of Paradise’, Bigfoot departed in a blaze of glory.

Heartbreak Remedy up next, rounding off the first half of the first day of the festival. Announcing that ‘music can get you through anything in life’, the band engaged the crowd in an intense set no one will be forgetting in a hurry.

 Chase the Ace reopens the second half to a re-energized and enthusiastic room. Songs like ‘Raise your Glass’ build the crowd to a frenzy, made all the more crazy by the front man jumping down into the crowd to climb up the walls, proving that ‘all the world’s a stage’ if you try hard enough.

 Kodiak Jack bring the heavy in a big way for their set, with songs like ‘Waste’ sparking through the crowd and getting everyone dancing. This is a versatile band, playing through a set where every song sounded different, Kodiak Jack left the audience hungry for more.

 Mordecai are a clear crowd favorite, and with good reason. Playing through a set that consisted of both old and new songs to keep everyone happy, Mordecai really pulled out all the stops to make sure there wasn’t a single person in the room not having a good time. Incorporating riffs from popular songs like Limp Bizkit’s ‘Break Stuff’ and Survivor’s ‘Eye of the Tiger’, Mordecai end their set on a high.

 Tension in the room builds from a buzz to a frenzy in anticipation of Saturday headliners Falling Red. From the opening song to the finale, FR’s dedicated fan-base sings every lyric back to them. Falling Red are a band that actively encourage crowd interaction and participation, allocating vocal roles in songs like ‘Outcast’ and ‘We Escaped a Cult’. A unique cover of Imagine Dragon’s ‘Radioactive’ was well received, as was fan-favourite ‘Break Me’. Finishing with a group photo and sincere thanks to the organisers, Falling Red earned their place as headliners.


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