The Darling Buds


Hoxton Bar and Grill, 18.04.15

With Support from: Hello Operator


The buzz in Hoxton’s overcrowded bar on Saturday night was a tangible hum of excitement, spurred on by the two-for-one happy hour and the warmth of the weather. From my seat near the bar I overheard snippets of conversation in half a different languages, from fans in home-made T-shirts who had travelled hundreds of miles from all over the worold to be here. And they were all talking about one thing; The Darline Buds.


The Darling Buds are the favourite band you’ve never heard of… but you will. The dynamic four-piece is made up of frontman Jamie Campbell Bower, guitarist Tristan Marmont, bassist Roland Johnson and drummer Dan Smith. Although Hoxton Bar and Grill seems like an unlikely choice for a rock show, it has a spacious main room for gigs that provides that intimate artist-crowd feeling unique to indie venues. Tonight, the room is packed from front to back with eager fans, which isn’t a surprise; the show sold out in under 12 hours.


Opening for the band are Yorkshire rockers Hello Operator, who do a killer job of riling the crowdand paving the way for The Darling Buds to take the stage. The Darling Buds burst onto stage in a frenzy, enthralling their fans with old favourites and new songs.


It’s unusual for a band with so little on paper to have such a dedicated, engaged fanbase, but The Darling Buds have become something of an underground

phenomenon, with fans making DIY merchandise and learning the lyrics to songs through watching live videos on YouTube. This became most clear during the bands’ renditions of crowd favourites like ‘Waiting’, ‘Better Man’ ‘Get Your Guns’ and ‘Venice’, as Jamie stopped singing and let the crowd take over in one of those electric, unifying moments that leave you feeling like you’ve been a part of something bigger than yourself.


Newer songs, like ‘Dragons are Real, You’ll Have to Believe Me’, ‘Riptide’ and ‘Freak Like Me’ were met with excitement and enthusiasm despite limited access to the tracks online, which shows just how passionate The Darling Buds’ fanbase is when it comes to supporting the music they love.


With heartfelt, humble thanks from Jamie it’s clear that both band and fans left the show with a sense of exhilaration and fulfilment, although, with a set as incredible as this one I don’t think anyone is willing to wait long for another dose of The Darling Buds, whether it be an album release or a tour!



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