Prepare for Hell: Slipknot and Kord

Capital FM Arena, Nottingham, 26.01.15

With Support From: King 810


It’s been a while since either Slipknot or Korm toured, and they’ve been greatly missed. However, on Monday night both bands reminded us why they will forever be kings in their genres.


Relatively unknown King 810 open the show, a daunting task considering who they’re opening up for, but they did a relatively good job, warming everyone up and giving them a taste of the brutality that was to come.


Despite their admiral performance, they were blown away the moment Korn took the stage, blasting out ‘Here to Stay’ and backing it with a set that sent waves of nostalgia through every fan in the room. Crowd favourites like ‘Freak on a Leash’ and ‘Twist’ draw applause and singing, and Davis’ bagpipe playing serves to remind us all that the king of nu-metal can do whatever he wants and we’ll like it anyway.


Excitment was almost bubbling over into frenzy as Slipknot took the stage, opening with ‘XIX’ from new album ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’, before the curtain literally dropped to reveal the band we’d all been waiting for.

To say no one left the show disappointed would be as close to accurate as I can get. Playing both old and new songs, from a range of albums, meant that everyone got to hear a little piece of the Slipknot they fell in love with.


Slipknot played hits like ‘Dead Memories’ and ‘Psychosocial’ from the All Hope is Gone album, as well as older favourites we’re all familiar with in ‘Duality’, ‘Before I Forget’ and ‘Spit It Out’. Anyone who has been to a Slipknot concert before, or even seen a recording, knows the utter carnage Slipknot expect during ‘Spit It Out’. As the song neared the chorus fans began to lower themselves to crouch on the ground, readying themselves for the chorus command ‘JUMP THE FUCK UP!’ from Taylor, at which point all hell breaks loose as everyone launches up to thrash around like it’s the end of the world.


Slipknot reaffirmed their position as metal veteran royalty with stellar tracks like ‘The Negative One’, ‘The Devil in I’ and ‘Custer’ from the new album, leaving the crowd hungry for more but fully satisfied at the same time.



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