Tours That Make You Go Mmmm…

In traditional new year style there’s been a flurry of awesome tour announcements over the last couple of weeks.


Most notably tours from AC/DC (if you can really call it a tour), Foo Fighters (same, guys) and System of a Down.


Don’t get me wrong, I love System of a Down and I know how popular Foo Fighters and AC/DC are, but to call these awkward standalone UK dates a ‘tour’ is insulting to everywhere that isn’t London. I’m based in the midlands now and unless a band remembers Nottingham or Birmingham I have to travel pretty far to see some shows. Don’t take my bitching as law though, take a look at the dates below and let me know if you think they’re proportionatly representational of the fanbases…



28 June- Glasow, UK – Hampden Park National Stadium


4 July- London, UK – Wembley Stadium, London


Foo Fighters:

25 May – Sunderland, UK – Sunderland Stadium of Light

27 May – Manchester, UK – Emirates Old Trafford

19 June – London, UK – Wembley Stadium

20 June – London, UK – Wembley Stadium

23 June – Edinburgh, UK – BT Murrayfield Stadium


System of a Down:

London’s Wembley SSE Arena on April 10


I’d give you ticket links, but with such a limited number of shows, they’re all sold out. Sorry guys. You can buy ‘second chance’ tickets from touting sites but that’s basically pouring your hard-earned cash into a burning fire of internal music-business corruption. More on that later.


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