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So, when did ‘Sworn to Oath’ start?

Spring, 2009

 What made you think ‘this is what I want to do’?

No idea in all honesty, hard to pinpoint one thing! It’s just always been what we’ve always wanted to do!

 Can you sum up what ‘Sworn to Oath’ are about in three words?


 What genres/artists have inspired you?

We were all brought up on classic rock and blues which we hope still comes across although, we’re a lot heavier. Bands like AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Guns n Roses and Thin Lizzy turned into bands like Pantera, Every Time I Die, As I Lay Dying and Lamb of God as we got older. Although individually we still vibe off other stuff.


If you could convey one message to your fans, what would it be?

Have a good time, all the time.

 Musically, what is your proudest achievement?

Probably our upcoming EP release ‘Leave You For Dead’, we’ve worked really hard on it and also had some great advice and pointers along the way from our friend Renny from Forever Never. He does some guest vocals on the single ‘Last Call’ so spent a couple of days hanging out with us, recording and filming the video etc. That said we love all our stuff and are proud of/stand behind all of it – we’re still getting fresh radio play on the ‘Don’t Fuck About’ EP in some parts of mainland and Eastern Europe at the moment even though we’ve moved on to promoting ‘Last Call’ and now the upcoming EP overall since then, purely because we have people on the team now we didn’t at the time of release and they’ve still pushed those older songs and they’re still being well received alongside the newer S2O output.

 What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Keep it simple!

Where’s your favourite place to play?

So far, Birmingham Academy 2 was the best. We supported Periphery and stepped out to a packed house!

Could you pick out a best memory you’ve had as a band?

Too early/hard to say yet. We had a blast on tour with Forever Never last year but also have had great shows at Stoke Sugarmill our home town venue both headlining and supporting people, cool one off shows with bands like Acey Slade, Meshuggah, Hatebreed, we did a short 3 date of the NL last year which was wicked, but it’ll probably be when we start to land some festival slots over time or a really big support tour, or when we next hit Europe that we have a real ‘stand out’ moment.

 Other than music, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Strongbow, life experiences, girls, hangovers.

 If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

Tom – Phil Lynott

Dave – Dimebag

Al – Megan Fox

 We really dig your new single ‘Last Call’, what else have you been working on since?

We have a new EP ‘Leave You For Dead’ coming out Nov 7th then we’ll be playing a lot of shows around the UK in November and December and then we start work on a debut album whilst planning more touring for 2012.

 If you could, what one way would you change the world?

Way too heavy for us sorry! Just make everyone stop fucking about we guess!

 What’s the BEST thing about ‘Sworn to Oath?’

Our van, ‘Van Halen the Second’. Its a royal trooper and we love her to bits!

 Why should people listen to ‘Sworn to Oath’?

We like to party!


You can check out Sworn to Oath on Facebook, Twitter, and at their Official Store.


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