Heaven’s Basement


We really, really try to limit the number of posts we make about Heaven’s Basement, but it’s kinda hard because they really are one of the greatest rock bands of the 21st century. As they are about to head out on a 50 date North American Tour, we wanted to catch as many UK shows over the course of 2013 as we could. We got lucky on the Southend show- it was supposed to be a Download warm-up but was postponed to August, meaning we could go!


The band opened with popular ball-blasting hit ‘Welcome Home’, setting the tone for the whole night. Bursting into ‘Can’t Let Go’, a favourite amongst the old and new fans, Heaven’s Basement picked up the energy and shouted, jumped and shoved the crowd into action, making for a sweaty gig and a slight limp over a week later.

Next up was ‘Fire, Fire’ a song making waves in the rock community with the release of the excellent music video. As the crowd sung the words back to Aaron without needed prompting, it was clear from the emotion on the faces of each band member that they knew, we knew, everyone knew they’d finally really made it.


However, it was not until several songs later, during ‘Nothing Left to Lose’ another great song from Heaven’s Basement’s February album ‘Filthy Empire’ that it became clear just how many fans they’d gained. The tiny venue exploded into the chorus, and I’d bet money on the fact that every single person in that room was belting the lyrics, thrusting their fists in the air and sharing in one of the most intense moments of their lives.



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