Papa Roach and Stone Sour



Both Papa Roach and Stone Sour have undeniably dedicated fanbases, if the early queuers braving the cold for hours on end are anything to go by. One might question that level of dedication… or at least you might until the concert begins. Because from the moment Papa Roach stepped out onto the stage it all clicks into place. The screaming fans, belting every word to every song (even the new ones), and the raw, charged up energy frontman Jacoby (Shaddix) buzzes through the crowd.

Opening band Hounds have a very different vibe to the acts they’re touring with, but they held their own against a fairly unresponsive crowd at Brixton Academy on the 10th December, and for that, respect is given where due. It was clear who the crowd were there to see, as the moment the stage darkened for the build up to Papa Roach’s entrance the hysteria and excitement throughout the venue was tangible. Papa Roach played with all the energy of a first show, and belted every song as though their lives depended on it. And the crowd responded, rewarding them with screamed recognition and the standard mosh pits and crowd surfers.

After an hour set that felt like 10 minutes, it was time for Stone Sour. Corey Taylor enjoys legend status across genres, whether you know him from SS, Slipknot, or his solo career. And his celebrity presence was clearly felt in the room, as Stone Sour opened to cheers of ‘Corey! Corey!’ rather than a standard band-wide chant. With an impressive range of tracks played from both new and old albums, Corey launched into a special acoustic set complete with emotional pauses. Maybe it was a little cheesy, but it captured the angsty part of every person in the room and made everyone feel like they’d been a part of something really special. So I guess Stone Sour are doing something right!



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