Paying Respects- Lemmy

lemmy-vodka.pngThere are some events so devastating that they’ll remain in your memory forever. Events so monumental and significant that you can remember the day, time and what you were doing when you heard the news.

The death of Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister is one such event. I can tell you where I was on the 29th December at 00.51 am. Surfing through Facebook whilst simultaneously hunting for the sandman. I stopped scrolling and just STARED at my feed, where one clued-in Facebook friend had broken the news. What followed were several hours of feeling numb, a sense of disbelief, checking source after source to confirm the legitimacy of the announcement. After all, many fake death rumours have gone around regarding celebrities, and Lemmy was supposed to be immortal.

When I woke up at 9am that same morning, the internet was in mourning. My Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr feeds were full of an outpouring of grief rarely seen. Friends I had no idea were Motorhead fans were paying their respects, expressing their sadness and celebrating Lemmy’s remarkable life.

In the following days, Lemmy’s friends and admirers both famous and not posted touching tributes in the form of blogs, tweets and status’s. Notably, the following from both Lemmy’s friends and those he inspired:

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 00.10.42Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 00.10.51Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 00.11.14

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 00.14.11

The sheer magnitude of tributes from rock and roll legends, as well as the thousands of messages from fans and friends overwhelmed the internet. And the tributes continue even now, with Slash playing Ace of Spades on New Years Eve to an emotionally-charged crowd.

The culmination of this public outpouring of grief will come on January 9th, when a memorial service will be held from 2-2 at the Rainbow Bar & Grill in West Hollywood. Everyone is welcome to attend.




Download Festival Announcement


On the Daniel P. Carter Radio 1 Rock Show, Download announced 33 new bands for the 2016 festival lineup in real time. It was a tense show, with prospective fans abuzz on Twitter with speculations and dream announcements. The announcement won’t please everyone, but we think it’s pretty rad:

Joining headliners Rammstein, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden at the 2016 Donington Park bash with day splits are the newly-announced…

Friday 10 June:

The Amity AfflictionCounting DaysGutterdämmerungHavokKillswitch EngageSkilletTwin AtlanticFort Hope.

Saturday 11 June:

Architects, AtreyuBeartoothBlack Foxxes, Dead!DownMilk TeethNeck DeepRival SonsSkindredTesseracT, Lawnmower Deth.

Sunday 12 June:

AttilaBilly TalentBreaking BenjaminDelainDon BrocoFrank Carter & The RattlesnakesGhostGojira, HalestormHo99o9SaxonShinedownTremonti.

Along with the previous announcement of Korn, Deftones, Nightwish, Disturbed, Motörhead and Megadeth, there’s something for everyone.

Download 2016 is going to take this legendary fest to a whole new level!



Fearless Vampire Killers – Access All Areas

4541623526_392x2624541622813_392x241Fearless Vampire Killers is an interesting name. What’s the story behind it?

Laurence: When I was a kid my dad showed me this film called The Fearless Vampire Killers by Roman Polanski. As long as I can remember I was obsessed with the idea of vampires and so naturally the film grabbed me, terrified me, and enthralled me. I watched it all the time as a kid. When we came to naming the band not only did the name fit with our image but it also matched what we wanted to do, we wanted to go out and actually achieve something – essentially the destruction of the metaphorical vampires that plague us and thousands of other people.

 How did Fearless Vampire Killers begin?

Laurence: We’d been playing together in various bands since we were about fifteen back in the Waveney Valley where we come from. When it got to the time where everyone was deciding what their paths in life would be, we all knew we didn’t want to have to work a regular job for the rest of our lives, and we knew for sure that we wanted to affect people somehow. So we moved to London with no money, and barely any knowledge of what it was we’d be faced with. After a year we were super disillusioned with the London music scene and realised we needed to something different, we pulled together as a band and changed our name to something that would inspire certain feelings in a person. We wanted to be a band that people hated, because we knew they’re the bands that people love.

 How long have you been together?

Laurence: As FVK we’ve been doing it full on about two and a half years.

 Do you get a lot of female attention?

Drew: That would have to be a yes, we get a fair amount of female attention nowadays which is still REALLY bizarre. I mean, we don’t have groupies or anything like that, we’re not that sort of band, but recently girls have taken a shine to us let’s say. I particularly have no idea how to deal with it because in school I sucked when it came to getting girls and spent most of my time avoiding awkward social moments. I think my smoothest moment has to be one time when a girl came up to me after a gig , she told me she fancied me and all I could muster was “Thank you” before stumbling to meet the guys downstairs.

Anything you want to mention to the people who may not have heard of you?

Laurence: Leave your prejudices at the door, come along to a show and make up your mind that way, we promise we’ll give everything we have, and we’ll definitely fight for more.

Do you want to change the world?

Laurence: I guess everyone changes the world in some way. Whether you’re a teacher or a mugger. We want to do something good, and yeah definitely make a difference, I think the main thing we want to do is create something magical and vicious, and do our best to inspire people.

 If you could only get one song heard by the whole world, what would it be?

Laurence: It would be a new song no one’s heard yet; “Fetish for the Finite” It’s a song that really showcases what we’re all about. It’s raw, epic, and has a very sincere chorus. I think it’s a song a lot of people can relate to.

 What other bands are you influenced by?

Drew: We all listen to lots of different types of music from Metal to Classical music and every band member has different tastes which help bring something different to every song. Like Laurence is really into hardcore punk at the moment (and is currently obsessed with Comeback Kid), Shane listens to a lot of jazz, metal and off the wall things like Mr Bungle and Buckethead, I’m a 90s addict and love Weezer, Manic Street Preachers and Muse too are a massive inspiration, Kier’s a big pop punk man and Nick loves bands like Jimmy Eat World and Black Sabbath. Big collective influences on the band though are people like David Bowie, Avenged Sevenfold, He Is Legend, Green Day and Queen.

If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Drew: Tough question, well for me I think it would have to Rivers Cuomo (the lead singer of Weezer). He’s one of my all time heroes and I think he always will be. His style of emotional, honest song writing had such an effect on me because throughout school (up to present day really) I felt so insecure and shy and couldn’t understand how some people could fit in so well. So songs like ‘In The Garage’ and ‘Across The Sea’ gave me some hope as someone could so perfectly describe how I felt and made me want to be in a band and write songs. I think I’d probably say to him ‘You are the greatest man that ever lived’ and if he responds ‘I was born to give’ I would probably vomit with happiness.

Could you sum yourselves up in 3 words?

Laurence: Weirdly geeky Superheroes.

 Where is your favourite place to play?

Drew: We’ve got a few places that we always look forward to playing and get really excited about in the run up to the gig but I think the top has got to be The Mill in Rayleigh. It’s just a brilliant venue, the first time we played there we were astounded by the size of it, and for a second thought we’d come to the wrong place! We love thrashing around on stage too so the big stage is a bonus and results in fewer casualties. But it really stands out for all of us because the first time we played there was the first time that we really clicked with an audience. It was at a time when we’d been incessantly playing in London for about a year to maybe a few of our friends and some uninspired, apathetic on-lookers which could be very demoralising then all of a sudden after the show at The Mill people were coming up asking for pictures and saying what a great show it was. It was so humbling and gave us the confidence we needed to really branch out and accept who we were. We’ll always love coming back there because of those people who still do so much to support us.

Anything you want to mention to the people who may not have heard of you?

Laurence: Leave your prejudices at the door, come along to a show and make up your mind that way, we promise we’ll give everything we have, and we’ll definitely fight for more.

Fearless Vampire Killer’s new EP ‘In Grandomina’ is now available on iTunes, so check it out there or go HERE

Sonisphere Through the Ages

Okay, ‘Ages’ might be a bit of a stretch, but Sonisphere has an interesting, albeit brief history and it’s a festival I hold close to my heart.


Back in the 1990’s when I was a wee baby, the idea for Sonisphere, a touring world festival, was the brainchild of John Jackson. By 2008, he’d signed up with Kilimanjaro and AEG Live. By 2009, Sonisphere was born in the form of a two-day festival in August for the UK and six European one-day festival events.


I’m going to focus on Sonisphere UK, because I’m biased like that and I was THERE for those ones. In 2009 it was a two-day festival headlined by Linkin Park and Metallica. It was my first festival at the tender age of fifteen, and I was mostly only allowed to go because it took place at Knebworth House just 10 minutes away from where I lived at the time.


But it was glorious. The stage layout means that there’s never a band playing on both main stage and second at the same time, eliminating the agonizing decision over which phenomenal main band to see at a time (a common problem at Download). With it being local, almost everyone I knew was there, and although that’s not a universally relatable perk, it was certainly a perk for me.


Not to mention the fact that Sonisphere 2009 facilitated the last UK performance of two exceptional musicians, Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan of Avenged Sevenfold and Ronnie James Dio.


Both 2010 and 2011 were smash-hit successes as far as the fans were concerned, although the act choices seemed a little dated at times, a little like the wet-dream lineup of a middle-aged man (which I guess it was). With acts like ‘The Big 4’ (Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica and Slayer) all playing together in 2011, it marked Sonisphere down in the history books for facilitating legends.


Other notable headliners that weren’t the obvious Metallica and Iron Maiden are Biffy Clyro and Slipknot (2011) and Rammstein (2010).


In 2012 everything collapsed. With the announcement of Kiss, Queen with Adam Lambert and Faith No More as headliners, the festival flopped in the UK. The official reason for cancelling it was that ‘co-ordinating the festival to an appropriate standard this year had proved more difficult than expected’ but I’m pretty sure it was more to do with dismal ticket sales. This was a festival I’d been loyal to since the start, and now I wasn’t buying a ticket and neither were any of my friends.

Though the festival continued on through Europe with success, it was radio silence from the Sonisphere UK camp until 2014, when the festival returned in all it’s glory with the predictable but crowd pleasing headliners Metallica and Iron Maiden. There were some old-school surprises like HIM, and some very, very new-school controversies like Baby Metal, but overall Sonisphere 2014 was a great festival.


So far we’ve heard nothing from Sonisphere UK about a return in 2015, which is a little worrying. With a substantial number of acts already announced for competing alternative festivals like Download, Reading and Leeds and Bloodstock, Sonisphere had better pull it together if they’re planning on making a return. I have to wonder though, if they’re not simply struggling to find acts, with all the ‘greats’ being snapped up by competing festivals, who is left to compete on Sonisphere’s behalf?


Welcome to UNDEROCK! Our future is bulletproof. We’ve gone viral! You can now get actively involved with the running of Underock. 




Underock started in September 2010, as an idealistic brain child and just sort of mutated into the freaky sibling you lock up in the basement. We have a passion for music, and want nothing more than to make the most out of the flourishing and exciting industry sprouting up around us.

We started off interviewing local bands and reviewing the odd gig here and there, but as demand for more interviews with popular bands grew, so did our ambitions! We continue to stress the importance of promoting the local scenes and recognising local bands for their talent and energy, whilst bringing you all the best news as it happens.

To date we have interviewed bands like Her Paradox, Fearless Vampire Killers and Rock Sugar, who are all both local and national favourites. Underock has also been present at Sonisphere, Download and Reading festivals this year.

Frnk Iero and the Cellebration- Stomachaches


Frank Iero is a visionary man, This was evident in his contributions to the energetic uniqueness of My Chemical Romance, and in his short-lived side project Leathermouth. He creates a world through music, and this is something he’s continued to do with great success in his new band, Frnk Iero and the Cellebration. The name is difficult to get right on paper, and difficult to pronounce, and the sound is difficult to define. You can’t put this band into a genre category, and that makes some people uncomfortable. But the fact is, Stomachaches is an exceptional successful debut album. Every song is different, Every song is a celebration of the macabre, and the 12 songs together produce a theatrical picture of an angry world filled with a raw, intensely honest view of the world and its inhabitants.

 Songs like ‘.She’s the Prettiest Girl at the Party, and She Can Prove It With a Solid Right Hook’ brings out a surprisingly softer, insightful side of the band. The song is clearly personal, with lyrics like ‘But you’re on my mind/And the things that you say hurt me most of the time’.


There are a few songs on the album you’ve probably heard already, made famous by their artistic, but comically distrubing music videos. Songs like ‘.Weighted’ and ‘.Joyriding’ are have it all, insightful lyrics, catchy choruse’s an contagious hooks. They’re guaranteed to be crowd-pleasers live.

 It’s not often I find a song so good it makes my personal playlist, but ‘.All I want is Nothing’ made that list on the first play-through. It has everything you coudld want, the ‘check check’ opening to provide vintage authenticity and the speedy radio-esque lyrics of a punk song, but with a rhythmic melodic, catchy chorus that has you singing it all day without getting bored.

 As far as debut albums go, .Stomachaches by Frnk Iero and the Cellebration is a damn good one. I anticipate great things for this band, and wouldn’t be surprised if there was a UK tour on the horizon. For a review of their set at Hit the Deck Festival, head over to the ‘Gig Review’ page at the top.

Suffer No Fools- Songs For The Restless Youth


Having formed earlier this year, Suffer No Fools are relatively new to the scene. However, they’ve been breaking tradition and exceeding expectations at every turn, and their debut album is a perfect example of this attitude. Instead of releasing songs in dribs and drabs, slowly, the five-piece from Ealing opted to release a whole EP at once, showcasing the extent of their professional, technical skills and raw talent. The combination of Ali Khan’s vocals, Jack Kirby and Jamie Newdeck’s guitar work, Alex Bain’s basslines and Mike Taylor’s drumming, Suffer No Fools have created something truly special.

 The EP opens with a short instrumental, starting slow and building gradually to perfectly flow into the first track of the album ‘The Bombing Campaign’. Khan’s clean vocals against the gritty heaviness of the instrumental provides the perfect combination of genres and styles, resulting in a track you can bang your head and pump your fist to, but one you can also sing along with.

 Throughout the album there are moments of truly exceptional musical ability. The harmonies on ‘Prey in particular stuck out for me. ‘Forgiven or Forgotten’, the third track, stands out lyrically, with lines like ‘if we forget we are doomed to repeat, watch as they all do nothing, can’t take the heat’.

 ‘Abyss’, the fourth track of the album, opens with a catchy riff that you’re sure to be humming for days after listening, but in a good way. ‘Dirge of the Old Gods’ lays out a lyrical odyssey to dispel  the legends of Viking Lore, foretelling the dirge of the ‘Old Gods’. If you’re looking for a song that riles you up to ride to the gates of Valhalla, this is the track for you.

 The final track on the EP, ‘Into the Breach’ brings everything to a close, showcasing the best of the best lyrically and musically with heart-pounding basslines, a drumbeat you can’t help but nod your head to, and expert guitar work.

 Suffer No Fools are not afraid of experimenting, with songs ranging in style and length. There may only be 7 tracks on the EP, but with this adding up to almost 30 minutes of music, you’re getting more for your money than with many full-length albums.  There is no doubt in my mind that Suffer No Fools is headed for greatness, they just need that one, pivotal ‘big break’ moment to announce to the world. You can check them out on Facebook, or purchase their EP at Bandcamp. I promise you won’t regret it.

Skeleton Kid- Access All Areas


What would you say has been the defining moment in your career so far?
The defining moment is definitely releasing ‘It’s A Funeral…’. After line-up changes, being bullshitted by various people, 1 year of writing and hard work in the studio, it’s now time for us to take a stand and show the world who we are and what we do. Our whole career has been building up to the album and we’ve spent so long working on it and put so much of ourselves into it that it has naturally become a marker and a platform for us to push on from here.

What made you think ‘this is what I want to do’?

Ever since I was a kid and danced around to Michael Jackson songs in my bedroom, I never wanted to be anything other than a massive pop star. Growing up the only things that’s changed is the style of music. I’ve worked in various jobs for years but have never been happier than when I’m playing music. (FRANKIE) When we started out we said we were gonna do our own thing and do it our own way and we’ve stuck to it. We don’t fit in and we love it!

Have you got any interesting tour stories?
Tour vans breaking down every 15 miles, heavy drinking sessions, promoters doing a runner from the venue and trying to lumber us with paying for the gig, playing with bands who have been complete dicks, drug orgies in the tour van…

You’re about to release a new album. How does it feel to be reaching this key milestone?
Quite simply, amazing. The response has been so positive which is totally overwhelming because it’s been a long time coming. Doing it independently has been great because we’ve had total freedom writing and recording it.

What’s the best thing about Skeleton Kid?
That we don’t give a fuck! We’ve only ever wanted to be ourselves, we get mocked for how we look or sound because we don’t fit in which is great. We’d rather turn heads because we’re different than blend in and be just another unnoticed rock band.

If you could tour with any band, which would you choose?
Mötley Crüe! Mötley Crüe! Mötley Crüe! Mötley Crüe!

Are any of your songs based on personal experiences?

Haha. They say the key to writing is write what you know. So our songs are about sex and heartbreak…

If you could only have one of your songs heard by the whole world, what would it be and why?
Bones Beyond, maybe. It has so much in it, musically and emotionally. Punchy verses, sweeping, melodic choruses, breakdowns, a poppy bridge, tempo changes. It was the last song we wrote and it was completely written in the studio which is really cool. It’s also great fun to play live.

What artists are you influenced by?
Nirvana were the first rock band I ever got into. I loved how different they were to anything I’d heard before. Pantera and Dimebag are why I play guitar. Dime’s riffs and guitar sound are just mind blowing. Myles Kennedy is the reason I sing. He has the most incredible voice and hearing him just makes me want to push myself harder vocally. (FRANKIE) Influences as a band are Mötley Crüe, Avenged Sevenfold, AFI, Papa Roach, pretty much everything we have ever listened to.

Other than music, what else influences you?
People can be an incredible influence. Not necessarily public figures but family and people you see day to day. They’re the ones who support you and make you realise it’s good to push yourself and do something different. Movies can be another big influence, we have a massive love for horror movies and that definitely comes out in the goth image and some of the themes in our music, particularly the older songs.

If you could give one piece of advice to bands just starting out, what would it be?
Find what you want to do and do it! Take time to develop your sound, build your image and get a whole package that people can get hold of. We started out just getting on stage and hammering out punk songs until we realised no one really noticed us so we started working on our performance rather than just playing songs, took the time to work out our sound, especially live, splitting vocals, planning parts and stops in songs, intros etc. and developed our image into something that was us.

If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be and what would you say?
I’d like to meet Freddie Mercury. He was an incredible singer, writer and performer. No idea what I’d say to him though. (FRANKIE)

If you could go back and say one thing to yourself five years ago, what would it be?
Save as much money as you can because in 5 years you’re gonna need it for touring etc. oh and get used to petrol station sandwiches.

Could you pick out a best memory you’ve had as a band?

Touring in general. It’s hard but it’s worth it and the fans we meet are amazing!
Check us out!

Fall against fate – Access All Areas


How did ‘Fall Against Fate’ begin?

Fall Against Fate began as a vision. We wanted to create music we wanted to hear and would enjoy playing. A few friends got together and started jamming cover songs and that’s how it all started, since then we have had various line up changes but we now feel we have the best line up we could possibly have.

 How long have you been together?

 This current line up of the band has been together for just over a month but altogether Fall Against Fate is just over 2 years old.

 If you could, how would you want to change the world?

 Grant everyone access to basic human rights that they should already have

 What other bands are you influenced by?

 Fall Against Fate has a wide range of influences which we try and combine together in order to portray our sound. These include bands such as August Burns Red, Architects, Structures, Volumes, Parkway Drive etc… We all listen to a wide range of music, we love acoustic bands, RnB bands, we pretty much listen to everything.

 If you could only get one song heard by the whole world, what would it be?

 Our forthcoming single would be an awesome song for the whole world to hear. We feel we have progressed a lot as band since our EP and that it is our best work to date so it would be the perfect track to show off to the world! It’s out in November.

 Apart from other bands what influences you?

 Our surrounding often influence us a band, whatever is going on around us or personal things that have happened or are happening to us often influence us to write the music that we write. We also gain influence from a lot of fiction too, it’s good to create cool stories through lyrics.

 Could you sum yourselves up in 3 words?

Energetic, Heavy, Honest

Where is your favourite place to play?

 We’ve done some crazy shows but so far our favourite place to play has to be venues in London, because it’s local to us and there are always a lot of familiar faces at the shows, they’ve had to put up with us the longest, so it’s always nice to come back to a welcoming crowd.  

 Do you get a lot of female attention?

 Some of us have girlfriend’s, but some of us do get female attention which is always pretty cool for them!

 What’s the craziest gig you’ve ever done?

 It has to be the shows we played in the summer in Barnet, London. The stage was big and the crowd was nuts, plenty of stuff to hang off of and jump off of. The crowds were pretty large and were up for a party which is always fun!

 If you could play with anyone who would it be?

 It would be a dream to play with all the bands that influence us, August Burns Red would be a huge highlight for me. But playing with any band no matter how “big” they are is always a huge honour, it’s always amazing to hear some great new music that you’ve never heard before and meet some great people along the way.

 What’s the best thing about your band?

 I’d say the best thing about our band is how we all get along. It’s nice to just be able to sit with 4 of your best friends and talk then get up on stage a few hours later. Also, we love keeping in touch with our fans which I think is a good thing!

 Are any of your songs based on personal experiences?

 I think almost every single song is about a personal event that has happened to at least one of us. The usual things such as break ups are often vented through lyrics and the aggressive side of our music.

 What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

 “Turn your guitar down and hit it as hard as you can” Paul got that when recording with Ed Sokolowski (The Eyes Of A Traitor, Lecarla etc…)  

 What’s next for ‘Fall Against Fate’?

 We head into the studio on November 1st to track the debut single off of our debut full length CD, then we are shooting a music video for that. We have also just signed a lovely new management and booking deal with The Alexia Agency so we will be touring like mad men for the rest of the year and beyond! Then some time in 2012 we will be releasing our first full length album along with a few other treats. Keep in touch!

 Anything you want to mention to the people who may not have heard of you?

 Yes, head over to our pages, check us out and come and talk to us! You can catch us on good old Facebook at:

You can also download our EP for free from our official

 We love meeting new people who are into our music so please come and chat!